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Are you overwhelmed with toxic business relationships or business disputes that consume too much of your time and distract you?

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Do you want answers from a business partner or vendor that has cut off all communication and has gone radio silent? 


I can help.

I am a commercial litigation, commercial law, business litigation, business law attorney headquartered in New York, New York.

I have aggressively represented both plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes for over 15 years to get results for my clients.  

I have resolved over $100 million in business disputes.

I have represented clients in cases in many states in the United States in federal court, state court, arbitration, mediation, before federal court judges, federal court magistrates, state court judges, referees, arbitrators, and mediators.

I have also represented clients and consulted with clients in international disputes.

I have represented clients in many industry sectors, including telecommunications, technology, sub-prime lending, social meida, apparel, fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, sports, agriculture, real estate, medical, airline, construction, import export, non-profit, food and beverage, manufacturing and distribution, restaurant, transportation, diamond, security, household goods, large scale manufacturing (e.g., helicopter retrofitters and oil pipeline support rigs), retail, and financial. 

I intimately know how to navigate through the dispute resolution processes to most efficiently and effectively achieve the best results possible for you under your particular set of circumstances. 

I can help you free up your time so that you can focus on running and growing your business, and spending time with your family.

I can help you get answers from recalcitrant business partners, vendors, and other adversaries so that you can have all of the information you need to run your business and make an informed decision to resolve your business dispute.
I can help you use the best procedures, mechanisms, and tools available for resolving your particular business dispute efficiently and effectively. 

I can work with you on understanding and working through my processes and guides to maximizing your position and leverage in your business dispute.

I can fiercely and aggressively represent you in mediation, arbitration, litigation, in court, out of court, in settlement discussions, in negotiations, in drafting agreements to minimize your risk of getting into a business dispute, and maximizing your position and leverage if you do get into a business dispute. 

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Video Client Testimonials
Written Client Testimonials
“I was involved in a very difficult lawsuit and was very stressed out about finding the right representation. I spoke to many potential attorneys and absolutely made the right choice. James worked out a deal that was totally in my favor. They were tough days. He was personally concerned and an all around great guy and attorney. He would be the first person I called if I needed such services again.” 

James Cox (New York, NY)

“I worked with James & his firm on a case which lasted over a year. I had invested in a business & my capital disappeared almost immediately after investing. James helped me reach a settlement with the owner. Without his help, I’d have nothing. My biggest mistake was not listening to him on every point because he understood the parameters better than I did. He is extremely well spoken & has the ability to see the crux in matters very quickly. He pointed out issues & criteria that I’d never have imagined. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is involved in a dispute or wants to create language to avoid a dispute.”

Tim Steenstrup (New York, NY)

"We hired James to work out a settlement agreement at the last minute. He worked fast to come to an agreement with the other attorney. He had our best interest at heart and we came away with something that was workable.  If we are ever in need of legal services again we would hire him without hesitation."

David Charleson (Canton, NY)
DCL's Mission
To DOMINATE the NY dispute resolution market by being the best attorneys and and advocates, and by getting the best results the quickest way possible.
DCL's Core Values
Take initiative. 

Take ownership. 

Be accountable. 

Do the right thing. 

Do what you will say you will do. 

Follow through. 


Be efficient. 

Get results. 

Do superior work. 

Get shit done. 


Think practically. 

Deliver superior product.

Celebrate your successes, fix your failures. 

Stay humble and stay hungry. 

Win the day. 

Be relentless. 

Be the best.

Own it. 
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